CUSTOMIZABLE Sports Endurance Nutrition for Performance

Customize your nutrition : Flavor, Caffeine, BCAA, Carb10TM, Leucine Protein, more..”

CUSTOMIZE. Don’t compromise.

Sports Endurance Nutrition for Enhanced Sports Performance

Our FLAVOR FILES offer maximum CUSTOMIZATION on a daily basis without altering the delivery of active ingredients.  If you are buying “Sports Endurance Nutrition” off the shelf, you have pre-flavored and pre-packaged nutrition. Every athlete trains differently and the body requires different levels of nutrition for pre-work out, during training and post work out.  Muscle repair and recovery is mission critical to attain high sports performance.  If your current endurance nutrition has too much caffeine or too little, your only option is to take a smaller or a larger scoop. The downside here is that by taking a smaller or larger scoop, you are also raising or lowering the rest of the active ingredients of that product at the same time. How many times have you bought a product that was too sweet, not sweet enough or just downright terrible?  TOO MANY TIMES!  Our sports endurance nutrition products allow you to customize flavor, sweetness and caffeine levels on a daily basis!

FLAVOR FILES allow you to, on a daily basis:

  1. Pick your flavor
  2. Control the intensity of that flavor
  3. Adjust the level of caffeine…or you can also choose, no caffeine at all

Here at Classified Nutrition we have done all the research so that you can get the results you have been training for.  Take control of your performance nutrition, CUSTOMIZE. DON’T COMPROMISE!

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Customizable product line Sports Endurance Nutrition

Sports Endurance Nutrition

Kevin Kuhn, M.S.Ed., CSCS, MFS – Kinesiologist and Sports Nutritionist – Specializing in Endurance Sports Nutrition

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