Providing Flavor Freedom and Caffeine Choice…EVERY Serving

We have all shared in the unfortunate experience of buying a recovery drink whose flavor is too sweet, too strong, too weak, too SOMETHING! And contains too much caffeine, not enough caffeine, etc.

Maybe you think this is something trivial to gripe about, but the truth is, when you’re on a training program, you could be drinking this stuff every day (theoretically) for years. It HAS to taste good, and it has to deliver what you need to be at your best.

So, what’s the solution to icky flavors and supplement boredom?

Flavor Files.

Our supplements come unflavored and non-caffeinated so that YOU can customize your experience every single time you mix up CLASSIFIED NUTRITION’s products. In the mood for grape today? Great. Feel like mixing it up with lemon-lime? Fantastic. Frosted Berry the next time? Go for it. Want to know what all 5 flavors taste like together?

We tried that. I wouldn’t do it again.

But hey, no one’s stopping YOU.

You also have the option of flavoring your CLASSIFIED NUTRITION products with whatever sweeteners, flavors, or stimulants you prefer. Our goal is to put the power of choice in your hands. And, you know...eventually your stomach.

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