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We’ve all been there. You buy a large canister of a protein powder that tastes like chalk, or chocolate chalk, or laced with tons of sugar, sucralose, or some other garbage so you can’t TASTE the chalk. You pay $30, $40, $50 for a product you don’t even want to think about anymore, let alone consume. You ask all your friends if they want it. Of course, they don’t. You stare at it every time you open the pantry. You hate opening that door.

There’s got to be a better way than this.


So, the first obvious solution is to make the protein unflavored. First rule: do no harm.

Our PROTEIN comes unflavored, so that you can customize it any way you want.

The second obvious solution is to sell flavoring — FLAVOR FILES — separately, so you can modulate sweetness and intensity to your liking, or combine flavors. Let’s face it, most competitive athletes are drinking protein shakes several times a week, if not daily. They MUST be palatable.

You’re already training your butt off; drinking the shake should be the easy part.

Just say no to chalk.

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