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It is my pleasure to welcome you to your one-stop-shop for all your performance and recovery nutrition needs. Regardless of your sport, the variable most closely correlated to athletic success is total training volume. Maximizing training volume comes down to balancing and leveraging training quality and training quantity.
Our goal is to provide every athlete with the nutrients that published research and data shows to be definitively effective at increasing athletic performance (training quality) as well as maximizing recovery (training quantity). We understand that every athlete’s nutrient needs as well as flavor preferences are different, which is why we are proud to provide the first of its kind Flavor File System. No other supplement system gives you absolute control and complete customizability on a daily basis.
You can be sure that the Classified Nutrition line will take your training and athletic performance to the next level, and more, because we will never stop striving to bring the highest quality ingredients and products to those who want to reach their full athletic potential.
Kevin Kuhn, M.S.Ed., CSCS, MFS VP of Research and Development