Classified Nutrition – Our Story

Just like superheroes, every company has an origin story. Oddly enough, ours began when founders Jeff Randol and Kevin Kuhn (M.S.Ed., CSCS, MFS) were training to become superheroes. Well, super-athletes. Okay, better athletes. After all, none of us here at Classified Nutrition have Olympic medals or seven-figure endorsement deals.

But, they could not find the quality and types of supplements they wanted to optimize their training. Even with thousands of products on the market, literally no one was manufacturing pure, highest-quality supplements for the entire training cycle. There was a blind spot in the market when it came to endurance athletes, which is strange considering how many of them train for long-distance running, cycling, swimming, and other similar events.

As is so often the case when one can’t find what one wants in the world, we decided we would go out and create it.

We started with the highest possible standards. First, do no harm. That meant using only the highest quality raw materials, from the most reputable sources, tested thoroughly, with no fillers added. No artificial anything — flavors, colors, sweeteners, preservatives. Next, we only used the exact ingredients necessary, in the proper amounts, to achieve the desired physiological response. That means, when protein is needed, we just give you protein, and only the best. We apply this same standard for every product Classified Nutrition offers. You will not find a list of twenty ingredients on our labels (many of which have no training benefit whatsoever). Usually it will be only 3 or 4. Finally, we have zero proprietary blends. Zero. We don’t hide behind “natural flavors” or “herbal cocktails.” Maybe we should have called ourselves DE-Classified Nutrition, but we thought it was funnier and more ironic the other way.

After a year of studying the science, having all-star chemists create the formulas, and testing products with dedicated athletes, Classified Nutrition launched into the supplement market. Jeff and Kevin still haven’t qualified for the U.S.A.’s Olympic team, but they have shaved time off their splits. Never say never.